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Prices from June 2023 1) Prices include Including design, development, publication of website,1st years hosting, management, registration of domain name and SSL Security Certificate One-page website = £360 Two pages = £410 Three pages = £460 Four pages = £510 Five pages = £560 Six pages = £600 Any additional pages added later charged at hourly rate of £35 or for mutually agreed price in advance 2) Website 7 + pages including 1st years hosting, management registration of domain name and SSL Security Certificate – mutually agreed price in advance depending on number of pages and work involved (minimum cost £680) 3) E-Commerce / Online shop - if you require on online shop added to your website this will cost an extra £140. (NB online shops will also incur a monthly or annual payment) 4) 12 months website hosting, domain name renewal & management (including minor alterations) - from £160 - £200 pa - this includes the price of renewal of SSL Security Certificate (currently £42). The actual price will depend upon size of website 5) Major amendments to website copy or design - charged at £35 per hour or mutually agreed price for the job in advance 6) Extra pages adding pages to existing websites or re-building existing pages - charged at hourly rate of £30 or mutually agreed price in advance 7) Price to take over an existing website, domain name and hosting One-off £35 administration charge for first year (if website does not need to be redesigned), then standard price (£160-£200 pa thereafter to include hosting, maintenance, domain name renewal and SSL Security Certificate) 8) To move one of our hosted websites to another hosting company plus domain name/hosting to another company - £70 one-off administration charge 9) Website MOT - We can provide you with a health check for your existing website - commenting on layout, links accessibility etc for £75. If you decide you would like us to build you a new website, this cost will be deducted from the final price of your new website. ivweb.co.uk is part of ivall.uk